In the house, everything is so still and quiet. I stop and think to myself, I have two children this is not normal…

I sneek my head around the door of the tween child, there she is, lying on the bed, headphones in, grossly involved in her social media chat, completely oblivious to anything else around her.

A few more steps down the hallway to the living area, there i spot, curled up in the corner of the couch, the 6 year old boy child, on the ipad watching youtube.

I say his name, no response, I try again, still … no response.

Is it too late?, are the rumours true?, have my children been infected by an virus?

Welcome to the “Diary of a I-Zombie Mum”, follow along on my Journey, where I learn how to wrangle and live with my Digital Zombies, and try and teach them how to re-enter the real world.