Challenge accepted!

I have decided to play my I-Zombies at their own game…

My Plan, find my I-Zombies’s, and challenge them to their own games. This way I may be able to keep track, of the progress of the digital virus spread, also to understand how they communicate and interact better.

I decided to start with Miss I-Zombies 

Start myself an account, check.

 Find her account, check.

 Follow her account, check.

 So simple ! why do these zombies need to put so much effort into this?

 Next, watch videos, check.

 Speak to Miss I-Zombie about the meaning of cringe, delete half of her video’s, check….. *shudder*

Now the easy part, time to copy these (cringe) video’s, pick a video…. 

Aaaargh how did she do that? How does the screen move that way? What?! IT’S IN SLOW MOTION!!!

So, I find where to make these video’s, and after around 50,000 attempts to make one 12 second video, i think i completed it to an average standard…

OK, that was really hard.

Like, REALLY hard!!! did they undertake special I-Zombie/ training to be able to make those video’s!? I see why they have to play that same little peice of music , over and over again, I just assumed that they were trying to make us stab ourselves in the ears, so we didnt have to hear it any more, and then we wouldnt be able to hear them trying to take over our house hold with their digital virus…

On that note, I will keep trying to understand this social media communication between the I-Zombies, I have extra Zonbies staying tomorrow night, so maybe, I can study them to learn more about their ways …


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