I-Zombie Code…

I have discovered, I-Zombie communication…

I’m not to sure yet how to decipher this form of communication , but I am working through the complicated code slowly.

I have worked out so far that “Bae” means, Baby, Sweetie, etc.

Um… do these I-Zombies realise that this means “to poop” in Danish? how is this a compliment? so very weird… “I like you as much as I like to poop” …?

So while doing some research into this peculiar “code” I came across some more popular code words being used.

BRB – Be right back- I’m guessing this is used to notify their I-Zombie leader that they will not be on their device, or contactable  for the next 90 seconds, their leader must have ways to tell when they mentally disconnect from the device, so they must inform the leader so the leader does not assume they have been harmed, kidnapped, or brain washed.

WUD – What you doing – Maybe in case they have not notified everyone to their doings or where abouts, because this is apparently must know information that needs to be provided every 2 1/2 minutes…

Ship – This I believe is short for relationship, I am not to sure as of yet though, because, I don’t really understand what 12 year olds think they know about relationships? Maybe this is in reference to their friends? their celebrity crush? maybe their pillow?

On Fleek – I believe this is used to describe something that has been impeccably styled or groomed… Really?

143 – I love you – Once again, really?

PAW – Parents are watching – Ha Ha!! Oh my tiny I-Zombie, Im always watching, I wasnt lying when I said I had eyes in the back of my head…

HBU – How bout you

WTF – What the F&#k – Of course, because 12 year olds so many things in life to aggressively Question.

AF – As F&#k – And again, so much aggression…

Slay – Short for doing something really well, as to “kill” an activity.

Then there seems to be these funny sounding “catch phrases” and “body actions?”

These behaviours seem to run its course over time, but when these behaviours and sayings arrive, it appears everywhere… and intensely!

The latest catch phrase I have noticed lately is “Cash me ow side, How bow dat”, although, they seem to be evolving this, as Master I-Zombie has started saying “Cash me ow side, before I Dab”, Im wondering if maybe this is a challenge, as I do feel the need to catch him (and have words) when he says this?

There are also half-full bottles being left everywhere, the I-Zombies seem to throw them around, trying to land them in a particular way. The zombies video themselves doing this, then send the videos to each other or put them on YouTube. Is this a form of challenge? and do they leave the bottles everywhere to try mark their Zombie territory? Maybe I need to throw them all out in the recycling bin, and see if they try to start a war with me to claim back their “area”, or I could place my own “Territory Bottles” in place of theirs to retaliate against their territory stealing bottles, either way, this will be a fun experiment…

Challenge accepted I-Zombies… Game On !








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