The Virus is real…

With this I-Zombie virus looking like to become an epidemic, I decided to ask around and find out other people’s opinions, and it looks like I came across an entirely different virus…

The stupidity virus!

I never once thought I would hear the sentence, “I told my daughter that I don’t care if you send out nudes of yourself, just make sure your face isn’t in the photo”.

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but this rings a lot of alarm bells for me, I don’t agree with my I-Zombies name being online, let alone their “body”?

I don’t understand how this is legitimate advice for a 12-year-old girl? am I a prude? because I dont find this normal… So this sparked a lot of Questions for me, are we dealing with a new virus ? is it widespread? how does somebody get to the point in their parenting life, that they think it is OK to tell their 12 year old that?

I’m completely baffled…

What is your opinion? Do you have a similar approach with your children for their device use? Are you very much against this advice?

I’m not sure how to process this….





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