I need to be prepared!

Today, Miss 12 is back from her 3 day school camp. Three days of exploring, fresh air, socialising face to face and …. no devices or internet access.

So far, i have seen that she is very tired, sluggish and cranky. She has a look on her face to say “if you interact with me … I will eat you”, so I have decided to go with the calm and quiet approach, using only slow movements and soft voice tones, as to not aggrivate the I-Zombie unneccessarily.

The girl I-Zombie has been in the house all of 20 minutes, we have has enough time to remove her luggage from the car and make our way into the house.

She has found her IPad, and perched herself comfortably with a pillow, close to a charging source. I cant really hear her well, she is mumbling, I beleive about the fact that I did not charge her device before she got home, it seems, the withdrawl is real…

The boy I-Zombie came home from school, tired and demanding, wanting his fulfilment of youtube access and food. When told he has to do his chores before being allowed to do these activities, he made this almighty harendouse noise, the only way I can think to discribe it is, like a angry hurt mythical creature of sorts. This performance was in unison with dramatic eye rolling, also the body went very limp and his head went backwards, all at the same time, I beleive the I-Zombie virus may be strong in this one.

Im thinking maybe because the Boy I-Zombie is smaller and weaker, the virus may be hitting him harder and stronger.

I have decided to do some research about how these Zombies think, what draws them in so fast, the transformation is facinating, but so very dramatic and scary, How contageous is it? How is it transmitted? I think possibly, my husband may be infected too, he seems to be slowly displaying the same intense need, but for his iphone . I think I need to stalk their digital activities, maybe limit them, and test what the reaction is.

I will need to be prepared for the wrath that is about to come upon me…




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